How I Got Into Sustainability

Living a sustainable and conscious lifestyle has become big in 2018, hasn’t it? And it was about time as well. When I was still in school we already learned about climate change, ocean plastic and how, if we don’t act soon, our planet will not exist much longer, so it’s amazing to see that people are actively making a difference.

But let me tell you about how I got into sustainability in the first place.

I grew up living in the country-side in Upper-Austria, surrounded by farmers and all their amazing animals. My parents have always been very conscious about our plastic and energy consummation. I therefore learned from a very young age, to turn the light off whenever I’m not actively using it, to never let the tap run while brushing my teeth, and only to use plastic whenever there’s no other option available.

And although we did try to be sustainable the usage of plastic has been very high at my parent’s house, so we weren’t perfect, but I definitely can say that I grew up being very well aware of the fact that a low carbon footprint can make a difference.

As I grew older it became clear to me that we have to do more and start to actively start protecting the environment from our lifestyle. With that I made small changes in my life, nothing really big and I wasn’t really focusing on being plastic-free, until in September 2018 I suddenly found myself buying bamboo-toothbrushes, keep-cups and reusable water bottles.

Also, I started doing a hell lot of research on sustainability and how to achieve that plastic-free lifestyle (which turns out to be way harder than it ought to be).

Since then, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve made mistakes and I still have to sometimes talk myself out of choosing the more convenient plastic-option and go for the sometimes slightly more complicated plastic-free choice.

As I’ve only recently started this journey and still got so, so much to learn and figure out, I’d like to share my progress and experiences with you.

Hopefully, you’ll find some tips to incorporate in your daily life and if you have any advice for me, please write them in the comments down below.


Kristina x

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