Project Spartan Race 2018

Alright, since I’ve been enjoying blogging a lot so far, I thought it was about time to add some new topics to JourneyThroughTheMind. Therefore I’m now announcing the new Lifestyle-section, which will mostly cover topics such as Health, Fitness, the occasional recipe, general Life-Advice, etc. Those blog-posts will go live every Thursday, 6pm CET.

To kick this off, I’d like to tell you about my participation in the Spartan Race Vienna on May 12th.  I hadn’t heard of this race until my boyfriend mentioned that he had taken part in various races before we met. His description of an Obstacle Race where you get dirty and challenge yourself made me curious so I decided to come along to watch him and his brother run the Spartan Race in Munich on April 14th.

I probably should have known that once I was there, experiencing the amazing atmosphere, I would want to do a race myself. I love to challenge myself every now and then and running a 5+k race with various obstacles to face seemed a very interesting way to do so. Hence, I announced I’d participate in next year’s race in Munich. Now, as you can tell by the title of this post, that plan somehow didn’t go too well, because my boyfriend and a friend of his persuaded me in the evening to come along to Wiener Neustadt, where the next Spartan Race in Austria is going to take place. Obviously, I had in mind coming again along to take pictures, but that’s not what the guys wanted. They planed on me running as well and since I’ve had a few beers already my resistance wasn’t at it’s highest point, so after a short discussion, I said yes.

Now, that was three weeks ago and I’ve been training hard to get my body fit for that race. Don’t get me wrong, but I feel like a Spartan Race is not something you should underestimate since it can get dangerous if you aren’t fit enough to handle it. At least, that’s my impression and also my motivation at the same time. I agreed on participating only if I felt my body and my mind were strong enough to do so, otherwise I would continue to train and participate in another race. That being said, I can get quite ambitious from time to time and once I’ve set myself a goal I’m sticking to it and I’m also working hard to get as good as I possibly can.

That’s why I started working out six times per week, doing everything from running, hiking, climbing, yoga and strength training. You can imagine how sore I was at the beginning, but I stuck with it and although it’s only been a few weeks, I can already see some changes on my body; the muscles in my arms and legs are growing, my waist and stomach are getting more defined and I can tackle longer distance whenever I go on a run. Please keep in mind though, that this is absolutely not about losing weight and getting thinner. I like my body the way it is, but I also like to be strong and healthy and those are my main motivations to roll out my yoga-matt and grab those weighs.

Anyways, in addition to having an impact on my body, working out so frequently also made some changes in my mind, which I am very happy about. First of all, I haven’t slept this good in like forever. I honestly cannot remember ever having such a good nights sleep, and this just feels like a major improvement. Secondly, I feel more energised and willing to make the best out of each day. Furthermore, my confidence in what my body is actually capable of doing has been growing non-stop and I also managed to face my fear of losing my footing and falling down somewhere, which gives me the feeling of being unstoppable. And last, but not least, I’m more tanned than ever during this time of the year, due to various hikes in the blazing sun. Overall, I’m just feeling damn great and happy in my own skin these days. 🙂

But we mustn’t forget that working out alone just doesn’t do the job, the way you fuel your body is at least as important as a regular workout session.

What I’ve been doing lately was actually eating more but a lot healthier. I cut back on sweeties, fast food and all that “good” stuff and focused instead on getting my body the protein and energy it needs. Of course, I still have that piece of chocolate or that scoop of ice cream every once in a while, but my consumption of processed food has become more moderate and I’m feeling very good because of that.

On a normal day, I have four to five meals, depending on my schedule. For breakfast, I always prepare myself some oats topped off with either some fresh and seasonal fruits or some honey and cinnamon. That keeps me going for quite a few hours and is also one of the best ways to fuel your body before a workout. If I’m working out in the morning I like to have either a banana or a chocolate smoothie afterwards to stock up in energy. For lunch, I love having scrambled eggs and a slice of wholemeal bread or some tuna with cucumber and olive oil. Dinner we try our best to cook ourselves as often as we can and since I don’t eat pork and beef, it’s mostly chicken in some variation, some fish or something altogether vegetarian like the falafel-kebaps my boyfriend and I are currently trying to perfect.

So, to wrap this up, I’ve come to the conclusion that saying “Yes” to the Spartan Race was an extremely good decision, since however it may turn out, it definitely brought me back into health and fitness and I’m sure I’ll stick to working out regularly even after the race.

In case you got any health and fitness related tips to share, please just leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading and take care


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