So, what I’ve seen so far Swing Time is a bit controversial, which yes, I do understand. I’ve been doing some research on this book and one sentence really stuck with me; someone said Smith should rather write less and say more. That statement pretty much sums up what I’ve been thinking whilst reading this book.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an interesting read with a relatable protagonist and Zadie Smith’ style of writing is quite fluent, but as much as I try to comprehend what it is exactly she wants to tell the reader, I simply have no clue whatsoever.

In short Zadie Smiths book tells the story of a girl who struggles with her academic and ambitious mother, her talented yet self-absorbed best friend and her famous employer whom she dedicates her life to, as well as the difficulties of trying to “enhance” a village in Gambia. And whilst the childhood of the protagonist is very specifically written, the grown-up nameless protagonist is a bit hard to grasp, which results in quite long-winded passages.

Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that Swing Time is a very good example of how the journey can be the goal and as soon as I started seeing the book from that point of view I just went with the flow and did enjoy it, although I probably won’t read it again.

​Journeythroughthemind has been founded in 2016 by 21-year-old Kristina. The Austrian writer and copywriting student discovered her love for writing and books in her early childhood and has since then written numerous texts in both English and German. The original idea for the blog was to share reviews of books with fellow book-lovers, but when Kristina made the decision to pursue a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle in autumn 2018, she decided to share her experiences on the blog as well. In short, Jourenythroughthemind is indeed a journey through literature and sustainability with the occasional post about fashion, beauty, fitness or mental health.

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