The Harry-Potter-Series – J.K. Rowling

I entered the world of magic when I was eleven years old, and although that was almost exactly 10 years ago, my love for the Harry-Potter-Series is still going strong. Truth to be told, I’ve read all seven books 30 times in those past ten years, which might seem a tiny bit insane, but it’s Harry Potter, after all, so I think it may be allowed.

Anyway, Harry, Ron and Hermione accompanied me throughout my adolescence and Hogwarts became kind of a second home to me. In fact, the world J.K. Rowling created was my safe shelter, whenever life became too hard for me to bear. Looking back at those rather difficult years now, I’m very grateful to have had those books to have just a little break from reality.

So, now that you know that I am quite the Potter-Head, it’s about time to figure out why people of all ages and cultures fall in love with Rowlings masterpiece. Hence, I’ve put together a short list of reasons I like the series and in case you have any more to add, just leave a comment down below 🙂

  1. The story is gripping and very well written
  2. The characters are relatable and so vivid the reader starts to believe to know them in real life
  3. The great display of the different shapes of love
    • Ron & Hermione are the best example of how friendship can turn into love
    • Lilys love for Harry shows that a mothers love never really ceases to exist
    • Snapes obsessive love for Lily makes it clear that when it comes to love, there’s hardly anything one wouldn’t do for the other
    • Dumbledores short, yet intensive relationship with Grindwald displays the powerful, fierce and somehow all-consuming feeling of first love and that sometimes falling head over toe for something can turn out to be quite destructive
    • And of course, the relationship between Harry, Ron and Hermione simply is the epidome of friendship
  4. With the Dementors Rowling managed to give one of the best literal descriptions of depression ever
  5. Harrys acceptance of his fate, that showed the reader, that sometimes it’s best to just stick things out and never ever despair whenever it gets to hard
  6. The way the characters grow from being children to adults
  7. Dumbledores firm believe that love will always win in the end, and of course every other wisdom he shares with the world
  8. Showing that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you
  9. Getting back up, whenever life knocks you down
  10. The amount of loyalty, friendship, bravery and wisdom

Obviously, there’d be a lot more to say about the greatness of Harry Potter, but I don’t want to let this get too long, so I’m gonna wrap it up.

From my point of view, Harry Potter is one of the most amazing literal accomplishment of our time and I’m sure the reasonable hype around it will be passed on to the next generation. And in case you haven’t read the series as of yet, I’d highly advise you to do so, but be warned, once you’re a Potter-Head there’s no way back.




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