Honestly, The Lord Of The Flies left me utterly speechless and shattered. I have not the slightest bit of idea on how I went so long without having ever read it. And even though Golding’s masterpiece is labelled as a book for children, I still was frightened to a point where I could not read the book at night but had to read it during daytime.

With The Lord Of The Flies, William Golding created a, for lack of a better word, deeply unsettling psycho-thriller that fucked up my mind, and left me constantly muttering to myself “I wouldn’t do that, or would I?”. The honest brutality that develops in the boys’ minds kind of fascinated me. It’s no secret that kids do have the ability to be immensely cruel to each other and to adults, but it still took me a few chapters from having solely a vague feeling that some of the boys might not make it off the island alive to realize that that, in fact, was going to happen.

I think I might let some time pass before reading this great book again and then I’ll update this review since I firmly believe there’s a lot more to say about this book, but I might just need another read to fully discover what else it has in stock.

​Journeythroughthemind has been founded in 2016 by 21-year-old Kristina. The Austrian writer and copywriting student discovered her love for writing and books in her early childhood and has since then written numerous texts in both English and German. The original idea for the blog was to share reviews of books with fellow book-lovers, but when Kristina made the decision to pursue a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle in autumn 2018, she decided to share her experiences on the blog as well. In short, Jourenythroughthemind is indeed a journey through literature and sustainability with the occasional post about fashion, beauty, fitness or mental health.

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