Wild – Cheryl Strayed

Seriously, I’m so amazed at how this book has stunned me every single time I read it.

I love Wild and would highly recommend reading it to everyone, but especially to those who struggle to push through with something (especially mental health-related) or who struggle to find their inner self.

Now, I don’t think you necessarily have to go backpacking for three months to achieve what Cheryl Strayed did, but her way of getting back on track and her telling her story with such a truthful attitude, without sugar-coating the tiniest thing is just so inspiring. That woman managed to show the bumpy journey that comes with finding yourself and coming at ease with who you are and who you were.

Forgiveness is a hard thing to reach and I personally found it even harder to forgive myself than forgiving other people. That’s why the paragraph in which Strayed realizes that all the actions she’s done and that put her in so much pain ever since are okay to have happened, which marks the exact moment her mind is finally free. Those are one of the most life-changing sentences I’ve ever read, simply because it showed me that with accepting your past (which you cannot make undone anyway) is totally fine since everything that happened led you to where you are now and now is the exact place you have to be. Therefore everything is alright and there’s no use of dwelling in the past and regretting this and that because it cannot be changed and it was ok to happen.

Wild is astonishing to read and again I would recommend it to anyone and for those who cannot be bothered to read it, at least go and watch the movie. It’s so worth your time, you will be doing something good for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Wild – Cheryl Strayed

  1. This book totally took me by surprise! Strayed was so raw and honest. I’ve thought back to her writing often, when I’m coming up against something that seems insurmountable – “If Cheryl Strayed can overcome addiction and marriage breakdown and trek a thousand miles, I can do this”. Thanks so much for sharing your review, spot on! ❤

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