Crooked Kingdom – Leigh Bardugo

Shortly after I’ve finished Six Of Crows I had to read the sequel, because I simply couldn’t stand not knowing what would happen next. Due to the very well written first part of this two-piece, my expectations for Crooked Kingdom were pretty high. And I was so not disappointed.

There’s even more action going on than in Six Of Crows, you get more insights in the history of each member of the crew (which only makes you love them more) and the strategies being planned throughout the book leave you stunned. The world Bardugo created is so unique and wholesome it swallows you up and spits out a highly confused version of you, that keeps wondering what just happened. I love a good fast-paced book, with a plot so thought-trough you forget the “real” world still exists.

So, to wrap this up: huge thumbs up to Leigh Bardugo and a massive thank-you for providing her readership with another story of Jespers love for shooting, Ninas intelligence, Matthias heroism, Wylans geekiness, Inejs bravery and of course Kaz’ scheming face.

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