Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland – Lewis Carrol

Being a classic tale, written for children, Alice is a nice read that kind of broadens one horizon in its own way. The beautiful language of the 19th century makes the book to an adventure where the lines between possible and impossible slowly disappear.

With Alice, Carrol created a world that evokes the childish innocence in every adult once again and lets us see the world from the angle of our childhood, where things were being taken for what they simply were without questioning their possibility or searching a deeper meaning behind every action.

The author himself said, there would be no moral to be taken from this tale, it would just be a collection of nonsense wrapped up in a dream of an innocent child, where worries about the future and dwelling in the past have no room for existing, hence the reader is almost forced to live in the moment alongside a weird collection of characters, none of which are to be taken too seriously, yet our generation may take the living in the moment-part as a little hint to practice that habit in their everyday-lives.

I quite enjoyed reading this book as a child and found it very refreshing when reading it as an adult and cannot wait to read it to eventual future children.

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