Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon

Well, here we go with yet another typical YA-book. There’s first, sort of star-crossed, love, dramatic meetings between the lovers and an overprotective parent. Everything, everything is an easy and quick read with easy-to-like characters, yet it is somehow a bit hollow and quite predictable. I’m sure teenagers aged between 13 and 16 would enjoy this read a bit more since there certainly is some depth missing and the Maddy’s and Olly’s love-story is, as so often, only displayed to the point where they eventually are able to spend their lives together. Yet, their entire relationship had been planted on her “sickness” and both try to free her for most parts of the story. But I just don’t really think this is how a relationship works. I mean they had this goal in their minds, I wonder what’s left of a relationship as soon as said goal is accomplished?

Anyway, there’s one thing I really liked about Everything, Everything and that’s how Maddy discovers the difference between existing and actual living. I believe nowadays lots of people are so stuck in their everyday-routines, where each day is so similar to the next, weeks, months, years even start to blur together and when at some point they look back at their lives and wonder where all the time has gone and why they hadn’t achieved, experience more, that’s when regret starts to kick in. For all the journeys not made, books not read, places not visited, coffee-talks not had; it’s an endless list.

In order to prevent that feeling of having wasted the time that’s been given to you it’s crucial to follow Maddy’s example: find out what’s missing in your life, take a deep breath, step out of your cosy comfort zone and live solely in the moment without fear for the future or regret for the past.

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