Absolutely loved this one. I immediately fell in love with all six main characters and I adored the way each background-story unfolds itself throughout the book. Also, the way that none of the characters is just good or just bad really made me love this book even more. Six Of Crows features a complex plot which doesn’t allow the reader to picture the actual ending, although there aren’t that much major plot-twists.

The only reason I cannot rate this book with five stars is the rather slow beginning. I needed three attempts until I could finish the whole book. It’s only been the first few chapters though, that wouldn’t draw me in; after I got through those the story had me in its grip and I spent an entire day on reading because there was no way of putting Six Of Crows aside.

So, to all of you who’ve been longing to read an utterly extraordinary fantasy-story, that lets you forget you’re not actually living in the same world as the characters, get hold of a copy and prepare for a long night, since once this book got you, it doesn’t let you go 🙂

​Journeythroughthemind has been founded in 2016 by 21-year-old Kristina. The Austrian writer and copywriting student discovered her love for writing and books in her early childhood and has since then written numerous texts in both English and German. The original idea for the blog was to share reviews of books with fellow book-lovers, but when Kristina made the decision to pursue a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle in autumn 2018, she decided to share her experiences on the blog as well. In short, Jourenythroughthemind is indeed a journey through literature and sustainability with the occasional post about fashion, beauty, fitness or mental health.

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