Hello there,

nice you stumbled upon my blog, where I share my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle and my passion with books.

Here is what you can expect from my posts:

Every Sunday at 7pm CET I’ll post a sustainability related post. This could be tips and tricks, sustainable fashion and beauty brands, bulk shops and many more. Please note, that I’ve only recently started my own journey when it comes to a more conscious lifestyle, therefore I’m still learning day by day and do make some mistakes. I do, however, try my best and would love for you to accompany me on this journey and share your own experiences with me and fellow readers.

On Wednesdays 7pm CET, I post a review of a book I’ve read. The main genres are:

  • Fantasy
  • Y/A
  • Classics
  • German literature
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry

To give you a better overview I rate each book with moons

One moon means I had a hard time even finishing the book. It is neither gripping nor entertaining and I would not recommend it further.

Two moons: the book wasn’t very exciting and rather lengthy, nevertheless, there are some good quotes, paragraphs which I did enjoy.

Three moons: well, nothing too mind-blowing, yet mostly entertaining and easy to read.

Four moons: great read, exciting and insightful, amazing plot with awesome characters.

Five moons: stunning, gripping, a book you can hardly put down

Occasionally, there might be some posts about fitness and mental health, since I’m quite interested in those topics, as well.

So, that’s the schedule for 2019.


Kristina x